About us


Quality Healthcare will always be defined by meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The pursuit for excellence will be an essential component for differentiating the successful Healthcare Organisations.


We wish to make an impact in the crucial area of medical quality which impinges on all stakeholdes, the patients, HCO and the community at large. To partner organisations in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of Healthcare by fostering excellence and professionalism.


We will be with a Healthcare Organisations every step of their journey to excellence.

We will use our domain expertise in International and National Accreditation Standards to Assistance for empanelment for CGHS, ECHS, TPA, etc

To make the costs go down as the productivity goes up by applying sound principles of Quality Management

To help an Organisation sustain the Quality initiatives

To unify the many voices of Quality and Customer Demands for the benefit of our patients, our members, and our profession by disseminating and sharing best Medical Quality practices of best in class organisations