Why us

"Raising the bar in medical Quality thereby providing benefits to patients,
healthcare organisations, medical fraternity and the community at large"

The transition from Infrastructure constraints to Quality awareness in healthcare in recent times has been positive development. At the same time, the increasing costs of healthcare demand a focus on skills in general administration, people management, medical procurement, budgetary and inventory control.

There needs to be focus on strategies for organisational efficiency and operational enhancement which may entail change in management initiatives/ process improvements and motivating personnel. The team members have experience in implementing innovative, effective organizational & strategic planning and execution skills with great success and attaining organizational economy in terms of cost and efficiency at both, micro and macro level.

Simultaneously with excellent inter-personal and communication skills, development opportunities for personal and professional growth amongst HCO team members was fostered, training and motivating the team to achieve organizational goals.

At the micro level our team has demonstrated excellence in setting up practices, policies and methods in medical administration, medical treatment, patient service, quality assurance, and public relations activities thereby working towards various Accreditation requirements and quality in medicine.

We have demonstrated Domain Knowledge and expertise on all aspects of Quality Standards and Accreditation